Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mt Lady Franklin

Mt Lady Franklin

There is some debate amongst the locals regarding which hill is really Mt Lady Franklin. The one we walked to has the telecommunication towers on it, however a lower hill which is quite close to Barnawartha is often put forward as the “real” Mt Lady Franklin, despite what the maps say.

Looking twoards Barnawartha.

The hill is named after Lady Jane Franklin who is said to have stop nearby on a trip from Melbourne to Sydney, information about this pioneering Lady can be found at,
Regardless of the name the hill offers great views in all direction. Snow covered peaks in NSW and Vic were visible along with a large number of other popular walking spots.

It was a pleasant day for walking with the sun out for most of the day and a breeze from the North to stop us getting too hot.
The walk is mostly through open farm land although there was a section of natural bush walked through on the way back to the cars.

This rock was spotted on the way back and reminded me of a Monkey.