Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day walk Mt Selwyn

Mt Selwyn looking East

Mt Selwyn sits on the Australian Alpine Walking Track AAWT, whilst it can be access via a 4WD track, we drove up the Selwyn Creek Road from the Buckland Valley, (this is a 2WD road) and parked in the saddle where the road crosses the AAWT (210.2km mark) we walked east out to Mt Selwyn. Great views and few steep climbs, but at 10km return this is a pleasant day trip. Day walk Mt Selwyn

The Twins summit Cain

Afterwards we headed via car to Mt Murray bypassing the rougher section of The Twins track by using the Mt Murray Logging Road. There is room to camp near the gate about 300m before Mt Murray. For the return trip we traveled out past The Twins to the Great Alpine road, of course walking up to the summit via the old jeep track which runs east from the road up a spur line to the summit.