Saturday, October 30, 2010

Salisbury Falls and Mt Warby

Like the Moonlight track walk the recent rain heavy rains made this a completely different walk to the other times I have walked through here.
Salisbury falls which I have only ever seen with a trickle going over were running very well. After lots of photos we headed off up the track to the top of the falls it was here we stopped for our morning tea and to take in the views.
Following the track to Mt Warby provided us with more wide flowers, Grass trees and water to look at. The views from Mt Warby are limited but before reaching the summit the bush does open up to good views to the south, which provides a look at Mt Glenrowan from an angle which it is not normally seen.
After Mt Warby it was off down the Alpine views track this track provides some great views across the Ovens Valley towards the Alps’ the only problem is you also need to look were you putting your feet :) The Alpine views track eventually joins up with the Mt Warby track, it is then a simple natter of back tracking past the falls to the waiting cars.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chick Hill and Moonlight track

The weather for this walk was quite cool with snow forecast down to 500m! However we were very lucky with only one short shower of rain requiring the putting on of rain jackets. The highlight of this trip had to be the water falls along Moonlight track, they provided plenty of photo’s for the group and a very pleasant spot to eat our lunch.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Range Track Mt Sugarloaf Eldorado

This area is only a few Kilometres from the Kangaroo Hill walk. Long Range track climbs up from Woolshed road to the Old Coach road, the views from this track differed to the Kangaroo Hill walk as they looked more towards Beechworth. The opposite ridge is the site of Police and Kelly caves, which would have provided both groups with a good view of the comings and goings in the Woolshed valley. Once reaching the Old Coach road we headed north to the start of Warners Track this led us to Mt Sugarloaf where we stopped for a well earned lunch. The return to the cars was a simple matter of following Warners Track. This track was a little steep in places but quickly lead us back down into the valley.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kangaroo Hill Eldorado

Kangaroo Hill provides good views across the Plains of Wangaratta and around towards Milawa.
We accessed the hill by walking up the ridge line that starts near the ford on Woolshed Road. After enjoying morning tea we followed the ridge generally north. At a suitable point we then headed down a spur line to Clear Creek, we continued up stream a short distance to a set of falls for lunch. With the recent rains these fall had plenty of water.
After a pleasant break we headed off downstream, often swapping from one side of the creek to the other to get the best going. Clear creek runs into the Reedy creek, and near the junction we found a spot that was shallow enough for s to cross in bear feet, the near knee deep water was quite cool. After drying off and putting boots back on we set off again. After a short distance a well used track was found on the Eastern side of Reedy creek, this made waking quite easy and gave me time to reflect on the miners who would have also followed this track to and from the diggings to Eldorado. The trip was finished of with Ice creams at the Eldorado store.