Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mt Glenrowan

Mt Glenrowan is an easy walk from the locked gate on the Taminick Gap road. This time instead of walking along the bitumen road that leads to the communication towers, we turn right onto a foot pad about 300m in from the gate.

This track leads across to the Casuarina track. Turning left then takes you back to the Ridge track near the large water tank. The Casuarina track offers good views to the west. Once at the water tank we continued along an old jeep track until it re-joined the Ridge track.

From here it is a simple matter of following the Ridge Track to the summit of Mt Glenrowan. Unfortunate for us it was a day of low cloud and some drizzle so the view across to the Victorian Alp’s was lost in the cloud, so we did not linger here for very long.

For a change we walked the 400m down the Bluff track to its end with some views across the plains to Lake Mokoan it was a pleasant spot for lunch. The return trip took us to Chick Hill and this time remaining on the Ridge track we returned to the lock gates and awaiting cars. No photo’s this time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ballroom Track

The Ballroom track runs between the Mt Buffalo Rd and the Reservoir track on Mt Buffalo.
The track is only 1km long but finishes quite some distance from the start so a lift is required. I found myself in the position of having a convenient lift so I took the opportunity to walk this track.
The first 300m or so of the track is within re-growth from the 2003? Alpine Fires. After the re-growth the track opens out in to older bush. The track (I assume) was originally a jeep track as the cut marks can still be seen in the older sections of the bush.
I was lucky enough to disturb two Lyre Birds, they took off into the bush making quite a racket.
The track finished with a rock hop across Crystal Brook. The junction of the two tracks is not well marked on Reservoir road.