Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning Walk, Warby Ranges

I had the opportunity for a short walk in between providing transport for a mountain bike event. So having spent plenty of time walking in the southern end of the Warby Ranges this was a good opportunity to walk the central part.


I started from the popular Wenham’s camp and headed out along Taylors track and Loggers lane until till time dictated returning to the car. The walk provided a few photo opportunities and with the focus on filling in time rather than the destination I did take a few shots.

Field of grass trees

For the gear heads the camera used on this trip was a Sony Cyber-shot Model DSC-TX5. Not my preferred camera as it has no view finder but relies upon the large rear touch screen which can be hard to see in the sun light. On the plus side it is water proof to 3m and its battery was charged when I went to leave in the morning. Anyway it’s just a short post, with photos.

More Reflections

Head Rock

What another pool of reflection