Friday, December 16, 2011

A day on Mt Buffalo

It has been awhile since I have been out for a walked, so when the opportunity arrived to get out, and with someone else organizing the day I jumped at the chance.

This walk would take us via Mt Dunn, passed Og, Gog & Magog then onto Eagle Point and then return to the cars at the start of the Long Plain track
The Long Plain track starts opposite Lake Catani, this lovely track offers an easy start giving the legs a chance to warm up before the accent onto the saddle below Mt Dunn. Then following the snaking track up Mt Dunn to were the new ladders have been installed to access the top of the granite boulders that make up the summit.

Scaly Button

This was a great place to enjoy morning tea in the sunny shine, although the wind did make it a little cool.


From here we returned down the hill to the saddle and continued west towards the Reservoir, with such a pleasant day the reservoir was picture perfect, (if only I could take the perfect picture).

Another go at the Reservoir

Continuing on we travelled past the rocky outcrops of Og, Gog & Magog, before heading towards Eagle Point. I have never walked in this section of park before and I was very impressed with its natural beauty. Eventually we arrived at Eagle point, climbed some more very new ladders and made ourselves comfortable for lunch. The weather continued sunny and breeze which made for a very comfortable stop. I just wish I had thought to put on sun screen….

Flowers at Eagle Point

After Lunch we back tracked a short way before turning off to the Rocky Creek track. This time we would meet it about a Kilometre south of earlier. We only followed the 4wd track for a short distance before branching off and heading towards the Giants Causeway. There was a very nice clearing at the point where the track splits with the right fork heading towards the Cathedral and the left which heads down to the Long Plain track and the cars. This clearing provided a very pleasant spot to relax in the alpine grass before head off towards home.

This was a great walk and I enjoyed heading out to Eagle Point and wish I had not ignored this corner of the park for so long.