Thursday, August 11, 2016

Maher's Hill, A suprising trip.

Mahers Hill (near Wodonga) is one of a number of parks manage by Albury Wodonga Parklands, in this case the area is all used as farm land.

Looking West
The park is sandwiched between Bonegilla and Ebden, with access either off Lee’s Lane on the western side or directly of the Murray Valley Highway on the east.

Looking North
I chose to access via the Murray Valley highway and walk out and back, but an end to end walk would be a better option should transport be available.

Looking East
This walk offers surprising views in all directions, as far as Feathertop to the south and more peaks than I could name in any other direction.
Looking South
This is a walk that will remain on my fine winter’s day list.

Track Markers