Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friend’s Track

It had been a while since I had been out walking, so with a bit of careful planning I managed to arrange a short walk. The plan involved three people; two would ride the Friends track whilst I would simply walk it. Of course any walk that is arranged at 11pm the night before if fraught with danger.
So the next morning we had three starters but only one working mountain bike, not to be put off it turned into a slow ride for one and a pleasant walk for two.
The Friends walk, is a self guided walk in the Warby ranges, this area was a State Park but is now part of the Warby Ovens National park. Overall the track is about 5km and has about 12 plaques describing what can be seen. This is a great loop for all fitness levels and the small detour out to Kwat Kwat look out provides both a break and great views.

There were lots of spiders with their webs up and judging by the size doing quite well for themselves.

The spurred wing wattle

It was also nice to see plenty of water in the creeks, and the vegetation quite green in the gullies.