Monday, May 4, 2015

A visit to the AAWT

I had been looking at the section of the AAWT that runs between Mt Speculation and The Viking for a while.

Too make this work we would need to treat this trip as an out and back, whilst this means we would be walking over the same country twice it makes the logistics of the walk easier.

The Mt Speculation track was much easier too drive down than expected this meant we drove to Camp Creek and walked the short distance to the summit of Mt Speculation, shame about the weather, clouded in so little chance for taking in the view.

Mt Cobbler and The Razor. On the way up The Viking

The next day we headed of to Viking Saddle via The Razor, there is no track out the The Razor, but if the weather is good I would recommend it.
There had been a few comments on the local bushwalking forum about the lack of water at Viking Saddle, they were right..... Water was a 3 hour return trip to the West Buffalo River.

The Chulte on The Viking
The next day had us heading up The Viking to take in the view before returning to Viking Saddle collecting our packs and head back to Camp Creek. This is a big day, but well worth the effort.

View South from Mt Cobbler (Mt Buller in right of shot)

The next day we did a short walk in the morning to Mt Cobbler; this summit provides a great look back at where we had just been and a commanding view over the Alps generally.

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